Here you define which columns of your document library will be used as filtering options. Each selected filter will be displayed as a dropdown element, with filter values.

The following example shows 2 filters: Extension and Author (therefore 2 mapped columns):

Configuration Result
dropdowns_filters.png dropdowns_filters.png

If no filters are defined, no dropdowns/filters will appear on the web part.
To use a column as a filter, you need to place it's internal name into the field.
To show a custom display name on the dropdown, place your text inside square brackets
To have a default value selected, add two colons after the interal or display name followed by the selected value.

e.g.: Dprt[Department]::HR, Topic::Web

Here is what you need to do to check a column's internal name: 1. Access Site contents and open your list; 2. On the top menu, click on List and then List Settings (or Settings > List Settings); 3. On the Columns section, click to open the colum name you want to use; 4. Inside, on the URL look for "...&Field=...".
5. Copy the internal name; 6. Now paste the name on the text box;


Open Filters On

Here you are able to choose how to open the dropdown, on Click or on Hover.

If enabled, a search bar is added to the top of the web part for filtering content. The search bar will always be enabled if any filters are set.